3 Lessons for the New Year – Lesson #1

I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. My house is quiet and I can enjoy my decorations for a few more days. (They will be coming down the weekend after New Year’s.) It is a wonderful time to reflect on the past year and set my sights for the new year.

As I sip my tea and contemplate 2014 and 2015, three strong ideas form in my thoughts that I want to share with you over the next few days.

Today, I want to focus on Lesson #1: Getting off the Ferris wheel and stepping on to the bridge.

Lessons for the New Year #1

Picture a Ferris wheel in your mind. It’s more romantic than a hamster wheel but the concept is the same. They are fixed in space, mounted on brackets, and even though they spin the wheel doesn’t go anywhere. In life it is a relentless cycle: lofty goals, good intentions, lack of action, and starting over again.

Now picture your favorite bridge. There is a beginning, it allows you to go over an obstacle like a river or canyon, and there is an end to the bridge. It is also fixed in space and mounted on brackets. The difference? It is part of a continuous path. In life a bridge doesn’t hold you in one place but instead it facilitates your journey on your chosen path. Even when fogs rolls in and shrouds the other end of a long bridge, you know that when the sun breaks come it will still be there.

I love the verses in the Old Testament that describe the children of Israel crossing over the Jordan River to claim the land that God had promised to them. I believe that God wants us to claim those same promises for the visions He has placed deep in our hearts.

Know therefore today that it is the Lord your God who is crossing over [the bridge] before you as a consuming fire. He will destroy them [fears, obstacles in your path] and He will subdue them before you, so that you may drive them out [remove them from your life] and destroy them quickly [destroy them so they cannot re-enter your life], just as the Lord has spoken to you. Deuteronomy 9:3 NASB [Amplification is mine.]

I’m getting off of the Ferris wheel this year. It may provide a nice view from the top but it doesn’t get me any closer to the vision that I see in the distance. I am stepping on to the bridge that God will provide over the obstacles to fulfilling my vision and calling of sharing My Heart 4 Home with my family, my friends, and the new friends I hope to meet on my path.

What about you? What will you choose? Are you going to stay on the Ferris wheel another year watching life go by or are you going to get off and take the steps needed to cross the bridge into the vision and calling that God has placed deep inside you?

I look forward to sharing with you Lesson #2: The difference between dreams and visions, and Lesson #3: Six steps to embrace your vision.

I hope you will come with me as I share My Heart 4 Home as I take steps to embrace my vision–


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