4th Annual Father’s Day Burger Contest

Today was our fourth annual burger contest. A great day of family togetherness, fun, and good food.

Burger Collage

Our contest started as my husband’s plan to get all of our boys home to celebrate the holiday. He didn’t want gifts, he wanted time with the family together. Each year the competition gets more intense, and we have got quite a waiting list of friends that want to judge our contest.

Taking over moms kitchen

For this year’s competition, we decided to compete as couples rather than individuals so the judges only had to eat four quarter burgers (one whole burger instead of two). Our home became a crazy and chaotic hive of activity!

Nora with Matt

While the grown-ups busily created what they hope is the winning burger, Nora played ball with Uncle Smitty visiting from Iowa until it was time for her to create her burger for the contest.

Nora and her Pansy Burger

The cutest presenter created a Pansy burger. She used cookie cutters to make sourdough and burger flowers that she stacked and topped with an organic pansy from the garden. Of course, she added her favorite dipping sauce–ketchup.

The Judges

Our judges were our niece and her husband, and our oldest son’s college buddy. Which burger would they choose?

Ultimate Bacon Burger

Would it be the Ultimate Bacon burger with bacon, Bacon Jam and Maple Aioli?

Origins Burger

Or, the Origins Burger with crab, lobster, and avocado?

Carne Asada Burger

Or, the South of the Border burger with carne asada and tortillas as the bun?

Holy Mole` Burger

Or, the Holy Mole burger with bacon, guacamole, and mole sauce?

And the winner is…

The Winners

Jordan and Angela’s South of the Border burger!

Wired girls

The little girls decided they had had enough of the burger contest and found Grandma’s phone and Nook to play games.

We had a wonderful time together and enjoyed good food, fun, and fellowship!

I encourage you to find a way to bring your family together whether it be a fancy dinner, a simple barbecue or a crazy contest like we do. Make a point of spending time together and enjoying each other’s company.

Feeling blessed to share my heart for home and family,