A Bath for the Birds

After with flowers
Many years ago, my husband had me pick out a bird bath for our garden as a Mother’s Day gift. I picked out one that was very cute and had a little cement bird sitting on the edge. It was a plain cement statue.
Before Bird Bath
Through the years I have considered painting the bird bath
but never got around to it—until now.
My husband pressure washed the statue pieces for me. I used patio paint from the craft store to turn my grey little bird bath into a beautiful flower.
in process
I was sure that I had taken “in process” photos but can’t find them on any of my photo hard drives. To give the piece some depth, I painted the base a light green. After it dried, I dry-brushed it with a dark green. I painted the flower “petals” white and dry-brushed them with ivory. The center of the flower was painted bright yellow and dry-brushed with a dark yellow. I then pounced some espresso around the edges of the center. The bird was painted in browns and dry-brushed with red to resemble the birds that frequent our backyard.
It’s been fun to watch the birds enjoy the water and
 I hope to catch them digitally this summer.
My heart for home loves bringing a new garden/patio space to life
and adding beauty to welcome our guests—even the birds!
Enjoying the sunshine!