A Miracle is Needed…

Several years ago, I met an amazing woman named Karmen.
 Our sons were on the same dorm floor, and then shared an apartment for a year
at the university they were attending. She and I became better acquainted
when my husband and I decided to attend the church where two of our sons were attending.
She and her husband attended that church.
We have become better acquainted as we have chatted in the foyer and kitchen of the church.
She is an amazing hostess and cook, and has coordinated the meals for many church events.
Her laugh is infectious, and her joy in the Lord is contagious. Her life and faith have been a role model to me
since I have known her because she has such a servant’s heart.
Last night, I was paid a huge compliment. While working in the kitchen
serving snacks for VBS, another worker smiled at me and told me that she could see Karmen
in my desire to serve (and feed) others.
This past weekend, Karmen was diagnosed with a brain tumor and,
after the biopsy this morning, her husband posted on Facebook that it was cancer.
The news has rocked her family and our church, but we know
we have a good God that is faithful.
Earlier this year, I shared the story of a gentleman in our church that God literally
 raised from the dead. The doctors confirmed that he was dead for about 45 minutes.
His wife is a very close friend of Karmen’s, and his story has bolstered the faith
of many reminding us how great our God is.
I am praying for God to touch Karmen and heal her according to his sovereign will.
Will you join me in praying for this amazing woman of God? And for her husband and son?
If you would leave a comment below, I would love to be able to share with them
that there are many holding them up in prayer.
I’m so thankful that Karmen has shared her heart with me so that I am better equipped
to share my heart for home.


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