Camping Comfort Food at Home

In my home kitchen, I almost never use convenience foods. Everything is made from scratch.
But tonight I was tired and just wanted a simple supper so we had Chili Waffles.
chili waffle
Chili and cornbread are a favorite at our house.
When we are out camping without the benefit of an oven, I have to get creative with cooking the cornbread so it becomes corn waffles.
I use one of my favorite “go to” Jiffy mixes to make the waffles according to the label instructions,
and cook them in my cast iron Belgian Waffler for the stove top.
 cast iron waffler
This waffler is one of the first tools packed when I plan meals for camping.
The first morning’s breakfast is always waffles and fresh fruit.
But waffles aren’t just for breakfast!
Cornbread waffles make a great start for a yummy dinner when topped with chili (from a can when camping).
Everyone gets to dress them up their way with grated cheddar cheese, chopped onions, and sour cream.
camp food
Great comfort food meal that was simple and easy!
If you don’t like to use processed/prepared mixes, this meal would not be hard to make from scratch.
Just use your favorite corn bread and chili recipes.
Feeding your family doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor.
A little creativity and thinking outside the norm can bless them with a fun, hearty and filling meal.
Love cooking indoors and outdoors as I share my heart for home (whether house or tent)!

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