Enjoying family…

There is nothing quite like the fun when a big family has the opportunity to be together and it’s even better when they are together for a celebration! This weekend many of us gathered to celebrate the wedding of my husband’s niece. It has been fun and crazy as four of the seven siblings in my husband’s family, ten of the 21 grandchildren, and one of the five great-grandchildren spent precious time together. We have celebrated adding Nick to our family, taken literally hundreds of pictures,  overwhelmed restaurants, and gotten stuck in elevators!

As we have traveled half-way across the country to Nashville, we are not only celebrating our family now but we will be remembering my great-great-grandfather Thomas Stewart who was a part of the Union Army during the Civil War. He is buried at the Nashville Naitonal Cemetery. I am so thankful for all the men in our family trees that have been willing to fight and some to die for the freedom of others.

Celebrate your family today! Bless them and let them bless you!