True Comfort Food

It’s a new year and for many, that means resolutions and goals. I set a few goals, created my 2018 vision board, and made commitments. The difference between a goal and a commitment is a goal is what I would like to accomplish and a commitment is what I am determined to do. The most important commitment this year is to devour true comfort food.  Not the kind that comes from the kitchen but that which comes from the Word of God.

True Comfort Food - Ezekiel 3:1-3
True Comfort Food – Ezekiel 3:1-3

This morning I finished reading the book of Ezekiel and decided to spend some time transposing my highlights and notes from my study Bible into artwork in my journaling Bible. Some days I am more creative than others. On the days I need a jumpstart, I head to Pinterest and the pins on my  Bible Journaling board. Sometimes it gives inspiration, other days it provides ideas that cannot be improved upon. This morning it provided one of the latter through a user upload by Lisa Gifford.  (Lisa has given her permission to link to her post and show my photo.) I love how she describes the Word in terms of eating comfort food!

Commit to Not Fast from Comfort

I commit to NOT fasting from the comfort of the Word through busyness, complacency, and procrastination. I don’t skip physical meals because I know that healthy eating is key to maintaining balance to prevent disease in my body. In the same way, it is important that I not skip spiritual meals because I know that the comfort food of the Word is key to maintaining balance in my spirit.  Preventing diseases like anger, gossip, bitterness, and more requires that balance!

Commit to More Than Tasting Comfort

I commit to MORE THAN TASTING the Word by just reading it like any other book. When I taste an amazing culinary delight, I want more than just a bite. I want at least a whole serving and maybe more. I set the table to dine on the yummy creations from my kitchen. In the same way, I need to assemble the tools needed to enjoy the Word created to provide nourishment to my soul (highlighters, pens, colored pencils, etc.)

Commit to Replicating Comfort

I commit to REPLICATING the Word in my daily life. When I enjoy a delicious dish in a restaurant, I try to copy it in my home kitchen. I need to do the same with the principles in God’s Word, and not just the tasty ones. In order to replicate a recipe, I take a careful look at the menu to determine the ingredients and, if possible, the cooking techniques. That knowledge equips me to make the same dish with my own twists.

The Word is full of character studies that I need to copy into my daily life. The biographies of men and women of God, the life of the Lord himself, and dispositions shared in the parables, poetry, and psalms offer principles that need to become a part of my life and spiritual diet.

I am excited about a year of devouring the Word like never before! My kitchen shelf holds my favorite cookbooks that I go to over and over for recipes, and my end table and a basket beneath hold my Bible and study tools (Bible study guides, art supplies, Bible reference materials in print and digital, etc.)

Where do you seek comfort? This year, commit with me to finding comfort from the true Comforter by devouring His Word! Will you join me? Please share your commitment in the comments below so I can support your efforts with prayers, ideas, and tool suggestions.

Sharing my heart for home and the Lord,