Intentionally Present

This blog post is a week late because I am choosing this year to be intentional about my life.
Being intentional includes being intentionally present when I am with others, and I chose to be physically,
mentally,and emotionally present for each one of them. As you can see in the photo,
my hubby is very good at being present with the grand-girlies.
   Intentionally Present

Don’t miss opportunities!

These past weeks had lots of chances to be intentionally present with
Bridal Shower
bridal showers,
Wedding 2
a wedding,
Birthday 1
Birthday 2
Family Gatherings
and family gatherings.
If you are a planner and love lists like I do, it is really easy to get caught up in the planning and miss the event.
What do I mean? You plan all the details and check them off as you complete them. The event arrives, and as it begins you mentally
check it off as done and emotionally move on to the next event. You miss the enjoyment of this moment!
You are there in body but your mind has moved on.

Choose to be present!

Yes, planning ahead is important but don’t be so focused on what is ahead that you miss the here and now!
Learn to savor the moment–
hugs from grandbabies
hugs from sweet grandbabies,
Laughing with family
laughter with your family,
 Grand nieces and nephews
Grand nieces and nephews 2
nieces and nephews and grands,
Mother Son Dance
a wedding dance with your son,
and time with your spouse!
(Last two pics courtesy of my sister-in-love, Sharon Kruger.)
Choosing to be present as I share my heart!