Storage in Unused Space!

Do you read articles about “creating storage space” and think “I don’t need another basket to trip over?” I finally found a solution that allows me to put storage in unused space–behind the door!

Storage in Unused Space

In our rental, there are no drawers in the bathroom. With all the storage being under the sinks, it is awkward to get to everything while getting¬†ready to go in the morning. As a result, my bathroom counter is always a cluttered mess. (Pride prevents me from showing a “before” picture.) I will say that it is now much easier to keep the counters cleared because all of my toiletries and cosmetics are within easy reach. The photo above is the reflection in my bathroom mirror.

While searching the internet for a solution, I found a behind-the-door storage cabinet. I have provided a link to the manufacturer, but I found it at a much lower cost through on online retailer. It was easy to install because it mounts to the door hinges. A helper is a good idea, though, because it is awkward to hold the door and the cabinet during installation. One of the best parts of this storage solution is that when we move, it easily uninstalls to go with us.

Have you found any storage solutions that you can utilize while renting? Solutions that don’t require another piece of furniture or permanently mounted closet organizer? I would love to hear about it! I’m always looking for ideas that add storage without taking floor space.

Continuing to make our rental feel more homey, and thankful the Lord has blessed me with a heart 4 home!