Cookies with Grandma

Some of my earliest and best memories are of cooking with my Grandma Alice. I cherish those memories and miss her even though she has been in heaven for over 35 years.
Today I started creating those kind of cooking memories with my granddaughter, Nora.
 It was great fun!
She loved rolling the dough
and cutting out the shapes.
While the cookies baked, she played outside “helping” Grandpa put up the Christmas lights.
After tying one of my aprons around her to protect her clothes from the dyes…
we started decorating her cookies.
She started out by trying to “paint” the cookies with the frosting,
but then she discovered how “yummy” the frosting is!
Nora’s masterpieces!
She may not remember this day since she is only 20 months old,
but we hopefully started a tradition that she and I will enjoy for years to come.
It’s never too early to start building memories and
laying the foundation for a lasting legacy of time together.
Feeling blessed to be able to share with my granddaughter the Lord’s gift of a heart for home!

3 thoughts on “Cookies with Grandma

  1. Thank you for being such a great grandma to our granddaughter. Nora is so blessed, as is Emily to have you such a strong influencer in their lives.

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