Fun and practical…

When my twin boys were very young they wanted to help in the kitchen.
The fact that they were too short to see into drawers or to reach the sink didn’t stop them.
In fact, their efforts to help clear the table and  “tip” their dishes into the sink
resulted in the demise of our ironstone dishes.
For the next few years, our everyday dishes were enamelware
because it was virtually indestructible and “preschooler-proof.”
We also lived in a small home with limited kitchen storage,
so my dad built me the box below as a solution to both dilemmas.
Utensil Holder Front
I painted it white and stenciled to match my farmhouse décor.
We filled the side spaces with our daily flatware and serving utensils,
and placed napkins in the center slot. It sat in the center of our table for several years.
When it was time to empty the dishwasher, the utensil basket was set on the table
 next to our utensil caddy, and my twin sons would transfer the utensils from the rack to the caddy.
It helped them with matching skills and learning the importance of helping with household tasks.
When we moved into a larger home, I changed my kitchen décor
and the caddy was set on a shelf in the garage. Because my dad had made it,
my sweet husband made sure that it was moved to our new place last fall.
I discovered it when I went shopping in my garage.
The utensil holder that I had was not large enough to hold the tools that
needed to be on the counter because of limited drawer space.
Utensil Holder
I cleaned it up, sanitized it, filled it with my kitchen tools, and set it next to my stove.
 I left the bumps, scratches, and dents to add to the farmhouse/cottage ambience I am trying to create.
It fulfills a useful purpose and evokes memories of my dad.
It also makes me smile when I think that my twin sons that were once too short to reach
the flatware drawer are now almost six-foot, five-inches tall, literally a foot taller than I am.
Maybe it’s time to take a shopping trip through your garage, attic, or storage unit
and find a memory that can add to the heart of your home.
I would enjoy hearing about your finds and how they add to your home.
I love being able to use memories to share my heart for home!