Get Healthy to Fulfill Your Calling

This year for my birthday, we (my husband and I) got Fitbit* monitoring devices.
Yes, your read it right–MY birthday, WE got Fitbit Flex Wristbands.
 I want him to get healthy and fit as a gift to me and himself. I knew that one of the most important factors in our journey toward health and fitness had to be awareness of how much we did or didn’t eat, of how much we did or didn’t move, how much we did or didn’t sleep.
hands and fitbits

Several years ago, I lost about forty pounds.
 I felt good and felt I looked good for my (much delayed) college graduation.
My method was not revolutionary.  I simply wrote down everything, and I do mean everything, that went into my mouth to stay within a strict calorie limit and tracked my exercise. I hadn’t reached my overall weight loss and fitness goal but, after five months, carrying a journal with me everywhere and having to manually calculate the calories and servings for every recipe was getting to be daunting. So gradually less and less was recorded and more and more of the weight returned.
Fast forward to now. I am committed to getting healthy and fit which means I have to lose weight and increase my activity. I am committed to breaking the genetic tendencies towards chronic illness. It is difficult to do alone but I don’t want to pay money every week to have someone else watch me weigh in or order pre-packaged meals that my husband won’t eat.
Getting fit has to be part of my lifestyle but that means accountability also has to become part of my lifestyle. The key is it needs to be simple—not necessarily easy but simple.
We heard about these monitors from family members that had begun to use them so we decided to try them, too. It’s amazing the difference it makes wearing and seeing that simple wristlet on your arm. It triggers thoughts regarding food choice and serving sizes at meals and snacks. It reminds me that I need to push back from my desk during the day and move. The movement and fresh air from taking a short walk actually stimulates my mind to be more productive when I return to my office.
Through an app on my phone and download on my computer, I am able to track what I eat (through a database that is extensive enough that I rarely have to do manual calculations for nutrition), the amount of water I drink,and it automatically tracks how long and how well I sleep,
as well as how long, how far and the intensity of my movement throughout the day.
Grandma & Nora
This is not an advertisement for Fitbit* but it is an encouragement to find a tool that works for you and use it to get healthy and fit!
Make a commitment to get healthy and fit for your own sake, the sake of your spouse and your family, and for the sake of being able to fulfillGod’s call on your heart and life. It’s important to me to be able to run, jump, and snuggle with my granddaughter, to be able to walk a round of golf with my husband, and to have the energy to minister to homemakers through my blog and mentoring.
So what does being healthy and fit have to do with homemaking?
Homemaking is work—fun work, but still work.
It requires physical and creative energy to create and maintain a home that is a place of comfort and rest. It’s tough to be the homemaker you want to be when you don’t feel well physically
or lack of energy fills you with apathy.
I’m happy to report that since we have purchased and begun using these monitoring devices, my weight is down, my activity has increased, I am walking farther and faster each day, and as a result my sleep has improved. Except for entering my food intake,the device automatically records my steps, activity time, and sleep just by wearing it.  Honest awareness is a big part of the victory in the battle to become healthy and fit.
I invite you to join me in getting fit. Find the tool that will work for you and use it. I’ll post updates on how I am doing and hope to hear from you about how you are doing.
I’m so thankful there are tools available to help me (and you) become physically fit so I can be an active participant in fulfilling the dream He has placed on my life to share my heart for home.
*I am not being financially compensated for my statements.

8 thoughts on “Get Healthy to Fulfill Your Calling

  1. Great Job, Pam! !

    I am in this journey with you. 1 to 1 1/2 years ago I lost some but gained back all but 15+ pounds. (at least I kept 15 off). started back up the beginning of April and have lost around 60 total but about 42 since getting serious again. I also have stayed, for the most part, in a consistent exercise routine. I do weight training about every 5 days and I try to do some sort of cardio at least 3 days. It’s harder to get it in with work starting back up in September, but I am really trying to not let that stop me on the exercise front. It feels good to be able to go shopping and at least find a few things that I like and that I feel good in, instead of just things that are “just ok” or that I tolerate”.

    Keep up the GREAT work, Pam!

    • Thanks Teri! Love seeing your updates on FB–you were my first “little sister” after all! I have been walking consistently and now I am starting to add cardio and weight training. Hard to get started but feels great as I get more consistent.

  2. Yay for getting healthier, its a theme it seems this year and that is a ok in my book! I actually just had a runtastic orbit ordered which is similiar to the fitbit. Can’t wait to get started with it!!

  3. Challenge accepted, and I might just have to get one for my birthday too. I like that idea. – Breeze

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