Gyro Hand Pies

We love lamb meat and it is naturally lean. However with our budget,
leg of lamb is reserved for special occasions only.
I like gyros but they just aren’t the same with ground meat.
So I decided to create a variation that would work well will ground lamb—hand pies.
Serve them with tzatziki sauce and a tomato-cucumber- feta salad, and you have a great meal.
Gyro Hand Pies

Pie Crust
Use your own favorite recipe or store-bought pie dough.
1 egg, beaten or 1/4 cup egg beater
Pie Filling
1 pound ground lamb meat
2 strips uncured bacon, diced small
1 medium onion, diced small
3 garlic cloves pressed
Brown in a skillet until meat is no longer red, and the onions are transparent.
1/4 cup unbleached flour
1 cup beef stock (or lamb stock if you have it)
Sprinkle the flour over the browned meat and stir until meat and onions are coated.
Gently add the beef stock and continuing stirring until it thickens into a nice gravy
 and the meat mixture is the consistency of uncooked pie filling.
Remove the filling from the heat and cool it.
It is important to cool the pie filling before creating the pies,
 or it will cause the pie dough to tear.
After the filling has cooled, roll out the pie dough and cut 6-inch circles.
I used  my new hand pie maker and followed the directions on the package.)
 Put about 1/4-cup of filling just off-center on the circle.
Fold the circle over and seal the edges with a fork.
 Place on a cookie sheet that has been misted with oil.
Continue until pie dough and filling is used up.
With a fork, poke vent holes in each pie.
the egg and brush the top of each pie.
Bake in a 375 degree oven for 25 minutes until golden brown.
These were a big hit with my family!
Sharing the recipes I create is one way to share my heart for home!