It’s Garden Time!

It’s garden time again! We’ve planted some plants in pots like tomatoes, peppers, and herbs but some garden crops just grow better in a garden. We can’t till up the ground around our duplex but we can build “temporary” planters. So that’s what we did!

Building a Terraced Garden

We planned out the garden as we wandered through the home center store. This weekend, my hubby bought the supplies and started building. He used 3 pre-cut, 4-step, stair stringers and set them into the dirt slope of our side yard. He attached 12-foot, 2 x 6 boards as risers. He cut a 4 x 4 post to the heights needed to brace the back of the stringer since its angle did not exactly match the slope. He attached two boards to the posts as the back of the garden.

Filling Garden with Dirt

My hubby made two trips to get loads of dirt to fill our new terraced garden. Now I have four twelve foot rows that are 12 inches wide ready to plant.

Planted Garden

The garden is now planted, and right now just looks like organized dirt. I look forward to being able to post pictures in the next few weeks and months as it grows and produces veggies. We planted corn, beans, lettuce, carrots, kale, chard, beets, cukes, zucchini, yellow squash, and pumpkins. I’m so excited to have fresh veggies for the table.

There is nothing quite like the taste and nutrition of fresh vegetables and herbs. If you don’t have room for a garden, I encourage you to grow your favorite herbs in a pot. Fresh herbs add flavor that cannot be gained with dried herbs, and summer cooking is all about using fresh produce to make fantastic meals. I would love for you to share your gardening adventures or your favorite fresh produce recipe in a comment below!

Growing a garden and enjoying the blessing of a heart 4 home!