Lessons for the Waiting Room

Over the years, I have spent what has felt like more than my share of time in the waiting rooms of hospitals and doctors’ offices. I’m sure you have found yourself there a few times as well. I’m not one that does nothing very well so a waiting room has the potential to be a very frustrating place for me. When you are sitting in a waiting room, you are doing just that–waiting for your turn, waiting for family or friend, waiting for news. You feel like you are in a bubble, sequestered away from the outside world. In order to not pace and fidget, I have to be doing something so I try not to get caught in a waiting room without something to occupy my mind like a book, a handcraft, or a notepad for writing so that I can feel I am still making progress and accomplishing something with my day.

Waiting for the Lord.

Life also has waiting rooms. Those times when you feel that you are in a holding pattern. You have finished a phase of life or ministry, and are waiting for the next door to open. It can be frustrating waiting for the next calling, location, or job. You start to wonder if you made a wrong turn or mistake that got you stuck in the waiting room.

Take heart! Don’t let yourself become frustrated and stagnate in your waiting. Take advantage of the time to prepare for your appointment or the change that is coming. Explore new interests through reading and research. Move closer to the Lord by using the time for Bible study and prayer. Journal your thoughts, prayer requests, creative ideas and possibilities. Most importantly, realize that nothing happens without a purpose!

Is the waiting room the place where God can finally get you to sit still and be quiet long enough to hear His voice? Does He want you to use this time to “be still and know” that He is God (Psalms 46:10)? It can be hard to do that in the busyness of daily living.

Is the waiting room the place where God is preparing your for a new venture or ministry? Is He instructing you to “consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you” (Joshua 3:5)? Explore those creative ideas and possibilities that occupy your thoughts. Read and research what it takes to move them from idea to action. Those very ideas may be the seed that God is planting for your next move when you leave the waiting room.

Is the waiting room where you learn “to be content whatever the circumstances” (Philippians 4:11)? Is part of your assignment to “clean out your purse” (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) and keep only what is really needed to fulfill your calling?

We have been in a waiting room for a few years now. We live in housing that is temporary and wonder where we are going next. But the exciting part is that God is using this time to prepare us. Letting go of the past dreams, releasing possessions, and learning new skills hasn’t always been easy but it is preparing us to take steps of faith in a new direction. All of this preparation and anticipation has not moved us from the waiting room yet, but it has taught us about the faithfulness and provision of God so that we will be stronger in our faith when He says it is time.

I love sharing my heart 4 home and my heart for the Lord! I’m excited about what He is preparing for us when He releases us from the waiting room!