Moving beyond what to who…

Have you realized how easy it is to try to identify who you are by what you do?
We introduce ourselves as someone’s wife, mother, daughter, sister or by our profession,
business, or ‘”brand.” In our culture, it feels like we have to “market” ourselves
in order for others to understand our value and our worth.
It is frightening to let people know who we really are. If they really know us,
they know where we are vulnerable and we risk being hurt. For years, I have hidden
behind the “what” I am because I was afraid and not willing to risk exposing
my hopes, dreams, and desires to the criticism of others.
Moving Beyond What
Through this past season of change and upheaval in our lives, it would have been easy
to withdraw and hide. But God has used this time to help me discover who I am.
I am a woman who is strong in the Lord and who desires to be obedient to the call of God
 on my life, a woman who is willing to risk being known so that other’s lives may be enriched.
The Lord has been working in me to become more transparent. Being guided by Him,
I have chosen to share my heart and calling with a handful of people. I have experienced
support, encouragement, and confirmation for what I feel called to do and that it is needed
 for this time. Friends have stepped up beside me and
offered to support me in my calling.
“Who’” am I can only be known if I am willing to let it be known.
“What” I am or what I can do are the tools that God has blessed me with to fulfill
 his calling to speak into the lives of others.
It has taken me fifty-something years to embrace that my identity is not about
what I can do, who I know, or what I may have.
My circumstances, past or present, do not limit my expectations or indicate my potential.
My identity is all about my relationship with the Lord. In Him,
I am loved, cherished, complete, and called.I have enjoyed the study of the book of Ruth at she reads truth. The testimony of Naomi being restored to joy after such great personal loss was so encouraging. When she chose to
call herself “Mara” or bitter, God still saw her as His beloved daughter.

I am so thankful that as I learn to enjoy and rest in who I am in Him,
He gives me the resources to be obedient in sharing my heart for home.

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