My Heart 4 Home.

The “4” isn’t there just because that was the only domain open that still used the blog name I wanted. It’s there to represent what I hope others will find on this blog:


It’s easy to become discouraged when you work full-time (or even part-time), and you never seem to be able to accomplish all the things on your list to make your house, bedroom, apartment, dwelling place, etc. feel like “home.” I want you to be able to see as I share my story that there is hope for you to create a home that is warm and welcoming even if you have to work. Come with me as we learn to modify our expectations and utilize the few moments that we do have to add warmth and comfort to the place we call home.


It is not creating a layout for “House Beautiful.” It is doing the daily, weekly, monthly tasks that create a safe and healthy environment that allows us to grow and flourish as the women God intends us to be. It is accepting that homemaking doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is work. Our work is to simplify and organize so that the work includes the fun tasks of bring our own personality to our home. I will share what I have learned and still need to learn in the journey to making my dwelling place into a home.


Entertaining and hospitality are not the same. Entertaining is putting on a show and trying to make an impressions. Hospitality is using what you have to make others feel welcome and cared for. Hospitality needs to extend to those that you live with (family or friends) as well as the guests that visit your home. It can also be demonstrated outside your home by providing a meal to a sick or grieving family, or by greeting people at the door of your church, school, or office with an attitude that says, “You are important! You matter!” Hospitality doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, so let’s learn together how to share our home with others in a way that we and our guests can experience peace and rest.


What causes you (and yours) to feel all warm and cozy, safe and calm? When you come home from a day on the job, what do you need to relax and experience peace? That inner heart’s desire is your guide to creating the home that will be your refuge when the world outside is going crazy. It’s not the size of the space that matters; it’s what you are willing to do to make that space welcoming. It may be as simple (notice that I didn’t say easy) as making sure that the space is tidy, or adding a fragrant candle, or brewing a cup of tea or coffee. But mostly, it’s allowing your home to reflect the special woman that you are.

My Heart 4 Home is all about helping women understand they don’t have to be a stay-at-home wife/mom to have a home that is warm and welcoming. It’s about sharing that homemaking doesn’t have to be complicated. It is about creating and energizing a love for the homemaking arts with an emphasis on simplicity, ease, and passion.

Whether you are a new homemaker or an experienced homemaker, I invite you to share this journey as we create homes that are a place of peace and rest, joy and fun, ministry and healing.

Sharing my heart for home,