Shopping in the garage…

As most of you know, we moved this past September.
We had lived in our home for almost 20 years and collected a lot of “stuff.”
Some of it was ours, some of it was my parents (including an 8 x 10 storage unit), and some was left when various family members lived with us for short times and then moved out leaving “stuff” behind.
We sorted, donated, and threw away a lot but my garage still looks like this–
Shopping in the Garage
Embarrassing to share but I’m sure others can relate. Some of this “stuff” we made a deliberate choice to keep
but the closer we got to moving day the more we just packed and it came with us
“until we had time to sort, donate, and throw away.” Well, sorting time has begun.
I shared my “focus” project in my last post—our master bedroom and the planning, consulting with my husband and making lists has begun. I will be sharing updates as the checklist is completed.
However, there are small projects that take only a few moments that I can do along the way.
Today is a school holiday so I get to be home alone. That is a rare treat for me.
As I clean and putter on our living floor in preparation to host my husband’s “poker” group tomorrow evening,
I am cozying up a couple little corners of our nest without spending money. I went “shopping” in my garage.
Here are a few of my “finds” adding interest to our powder room.
Before treadleAfter treadle
The treadle machine was one of the few items salvaged
from my grandfather-in-law’s home that was destroyed by fire in the 1970’s.
 The machine in the cabinet still works and I hope someday to have enough space to display it.
Treadle top
The prize piece in this display that was found during my “garage shopping”
was the pillow case doing duty as a table scarf.
I could only find one so I didn’t want to use it for a lone pillow.
Embroidery and edging
My Grandma Alice embroidered the design and crocheted the edging.
She is my namesake so items from her hands are very special.
So, what prizes do you have hiding in a box in your garage or attic?
Who do you know that will let you “shop” in their garage or attic—a parent or grandparent?
Having my grandmother’s things in my home reminds me that
she had a heart for home that she never hesitated to share with me while I was growing up.
I’m glad that I can share her and my heart for home!

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