Starting to settle…

Have you ever moved or remodeled? Have you gotten to the point where you just need to have one spot in the house that is neat and tidy, no matter how small it may be? Well, this is about my getting that one small space put together so I can start to feel settled…
Many months ago long before we moved, I pinned this photo on Pinterest
to my “Keeping It All In Order” board.
Then the search began for the supplies to recreate it in my own kitchen. It took me months to find the plastic mop holders. I finally found them on Amazon.
I measured, planned, read the directions for “properly securing” the holders, and carefully followed those directions to design my “Spice Door.” I was so pleased with  myself as I filled the holders with my little spice jars.
Imagine my chagrin when I came into the kitchen the next morning and opened the cabinet door to find that all of the racks had fallen off. After several more unsuccessful attempts with every possible “strong” adhesive tapes I could find at Home Depot, I packed the little mop racks into a “use when we get moved to the new house” box.
I’m happy to say that thanks to Command Picture Hanging strips, my spices are now all at home inside my cabinet door (and have stayed there!)
Starting to feel settled while
counting my blessings and loving that God gifted me with a Heart 4 Home!

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