Table Runner Valances

As renters, we have to be careful how many holes we put in the walls,
and curtain rods require a lot of holes. Anchoring the rods so they can hold the weight of window treatments can often cause a bit of damage to the sheet rock.
My solution is much easier!
Table Runner Collage

I first used table runners as valances when I decorated for Christmas this past year.
Table runners are a great way to dress a window without a huge financial investment
and you can change them with the seasons if you like.
For our living room windows, sliding glass door, and dining room window I used three jute runners
from World Market. They measured 20” x 108” so they spanned the living room windows
 and slider without any alterations. I shortened one for the dining room window
and have an extra length of runner that I can use elsewhere.
This is a simple install.
Place large command hooks that blend with your decor where you want to anchor the swags.
(Hint: To ensure that the hooks stay on the wall, slip the hook off of the anchor piece after it adheres to the wall. Hammer a small nail through the anchor and replace the hook. This will make a small hole but you won’t see the nail and it still causes much less damage than curtain rods.)
Use rubber bands to gather the table runners and temporarily fasten them to the hooks while you adjust, take a look, and adjust some more. After you have achieved the look you want, use twine or cord that matches the runners to secure them to the hooks.
I added interest by hanging 4-inch ribbed glass lanterns, also from World Market, on each of the hooks.
 I love candlelight but didn’t want to risk lighting the runners on fire so I used battery-operated tea candles that I can turn on in the evenings.
DR Slider & Window
I love the cohesive look that it gave to our combined living and dining area.
It was simple to do but gave a “dressed” look to the windows without a lot of excess fuss.
I’m enjoying the journey of turning our rental into a home for however long we are here,
and sharing the journey lets me share my heart for home!

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    • Thanks! I figured with the neutral runners, I can change it up with different color lanterns or by putting flowers in the lanterns. It gives me lots a choices.

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