Their Other Mother

No, my sons are not adopted, but they are all married. The “other mother” I am referring to are their mothers-in-law.  I thank the Lord for each of these women. They raised daughters that are strong women of faith, and their daughters are wonderful wives for my sons.

Ryan's wife (Emily) and other mother (Toni)
Ryan’s wife (Emily) and other mother (Toni)

I have enjoyed getting to know Toni over the six years that our children have been married. We have been blessed to celebrate holidays with our families all together even though she lives in another state. We share the most beautiful, sweetest granddaughters and love being Ama (Toni) and Grandma to these precious girls.

Justin's wife (Ceci) and other mother (Mima)
Justin’s wife (Ceci) and other mother (Mima)

I look forward to getting to know Mima. Our children have been married less than a year, and we will have to work to overcome a language barrier but I pray that we will be able to build a relationship even though we live in different countries.

Jordan's wife (Angela) and other mother (Linda)
Jordan’s wife (Angela) and other mother (Linda)

Linda and I have many mutual friends and acquaintances because we attended the same college. We live in neighboring cities so I pray there will be opportunities to get to know each other better.

I don’t know all of these women very well (yet) but look forward to years of building a friendship with each of them. We share life’s greatest blessings–our children, and will share life’s most precious gifts–grandchildren.

I encourage you to bless your children’s marriages by building a relationship with their in-laws. Celebrate the joining of your families and blend your lives together, rather than competing for their attention. Some of my best memories as a child are the times that we were blessed to have both sets of grandparents with us, and having both grandmas there for a birthday was a special treat! Let your children and grandchildren experience that same joy.

Sharing my heart for home and family,